ByRocco Foundation School

ByRocco Foundation has proudly completed many projects. They are continuously developing new projects and activities in which people in need are central. This requires good cooperation with volunteers. We have both national and international contacts and hope, with everyone's help, to expand ByRocco Foundation worldwide so that we can help even more underprivileged people.

After weeks of preparation, the time has come: the launch of the 'ByRocco Foundation School' project for 300 children in Sierra Leone. Education is the key to the development of a child and of a society. A child who receives a good education is given opportunities for the future.

When building a school, they took into account many criteria. Transferring knowledge and values are by no means the only criteria. Pupils also need (free) space to discover and develop their individual talents. In a school that is optimally planned for concentrated and sustainable learning, children and adolescents develop their own character. It will be a beautiful new building on no less than 1 hectare of land. The design consists of various rooms, canteen, library, toilets, water supply, complete furniture, school books and a wonderful playground.

Investing in education has major economic and social benefits. For both the children and society. It increases the survival chances of young children. In addition, it increases the (future) income of a child and the gross domestic product of the countries. Education also strengthens the self-confidence and resilience of girls and women, and this leads to a more peaceful society.